Accounting 1 Blizzard Bag (2018-2019)

Blizzard Bag Assignment #1. Good morning. Today you will prepare the Balance Sheet and Income Statement for TechKnow Company.

An excel spreadsheet is linked with an unadjusted Trial Balance. You will copy and rename the file. Extend the account balances to their proper classifications. Foot all columns and prepare a proof of the Profit or Loss. Finally, prepare the attached Financial Statement.

Blizzard Bag Assignment #2. Considering where we are, your blizzard bag assignment is the following Google Sheets file out of Chapter 13. Think Like an Accountant Make a copy when you enter Google Sheets by going under File, Make a Copy. Rename it to: Blizzard Bag_YourLastName. The information to go with the file is in section 13-4, towards the end. Email me if you have any issues. Have a good day!

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